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ID: HAM01 Arrow Small abandoned hamlet of five homes with quantity of productive land


Small abandoned hamlet of five homes spread across about 12 ha of productive land close to the Miño valley in the Ribeira Sacra. The property itself comprises around thirty acres of land and around five main stone-built properties which are in various states of repair. Based around the small river that runs through the valley, there were originally as many as three water powered mills that were used mainly for the milling of flax. The terraces of the area were also used to grow potatoes and vines. Up until 2006, the land was owned by the previous owner. He had farmed the land actively until about 1980. The current owner has registered all the main buildings on the council 'cadastre' which means that it is possible to get permission for their repair, restoration and conversion, subject to normal architects' plans and planning permissions.

Object Data
Property Size120000.00 m²
Living Space1000.00
Year of Construction0
Heating Type0
Floor(s) / Location2
Price:€ 68.000
Open Fireside :Yes
Terrace :Yes
Garden :Yes
Parking Lot :Yes
Garage :Yes

Financial Information
Price: € 68.000

Location / Vicinity

The location is in a small valley close to the river Miño, in the Ribeira Sacra region. The track to the property is suitable for a four-wheel drive. The Ribeira Sacra is particularly well-known as a wine-growing area, which now exports its produce around the world. The surroundings are with fields, woods, vineyards and hills. There is an extraordinary variety of animal and plantlife in the area as well as regular sightings of wild boar, foxes, deer and black squirrel. There have been occasional reports of wolves in the area. A genetta, a type of wild cat, has also been sighted. There are many buzzards in the area that fly over the local territory. Salamanders are regularly seen. The nearest main village with all necessary amenities and services is Ferreira de Panton, at 7 Km. from the property. Monforte de Lemos is a lively, historical town, located at 17 Km. from this hamlet (within a 25-minute drive).

During the middle Ages, Monforte de Lemos became an important town in Galicia. Here you can still find many interesting historical monuments. Worth to visit are for example the huge 17th century building of Nuestra Señora de Antigua (well known as El Cardenal, with some paintings of El Greco in a museum), the monastery of San Vicente do Pino and the medieval castle and palace of the counts of Lemos (today a "Parador", by the state owned Hotel), the old Jewish quarter, the convent of "Las Clarisas" with an important museum of sacred art and the lovely medieval bridge over the river Cabe.

- Vigo (Peinador): 1 hour and 25 minutes by car (123 Km.)
- Santiago de Compostela (Lavacolla): 1 hour and 35 minutes by car (124 Km.)
- A Coruña (Alvedro) 1 hour and 55 minutes by car (173 Km.)
- Porto (Saa Carneiro, Portugal) 2 hours and 35 minutes by car (245 Km.)


There are 5 main stone-built properties which are in various states of repair, located in three different areas.

Area 1:
- The River House, originally a three bedroom farmhouse with extensive outbuildings.
- A small house with potential to be a two or three bedroom house.
- A large two storey home, which would have probably had six or seven bedrooms.

Area 2:
- A small bakery. Close by are the foundations for another large home.

Area 3:
- A small Mill with one large room Mill Building (with old mill stones).

At least two of the properties could be easily repaired and restored to form main accommodation.

There are around 12 ha of land divided into 42 parcels. These are grouped together in three main areas, all close to each other. The majority are also close to and bordering the river. Woodland areas are predominantly oak based and also Spanish black pine (Pinus nigra). There are other pine species. Much of the pine has timber value. There are also some sweet chestnuts which crop well and a few apple trees.

The river stream is a central feature of the property. Some preliminary studies of the water flows through the year indicate that there can be sufficient flow to provide hydroelectric power through the year, with larger amounts potentially produced through the autumn, winter and spring months.

River House with outbuildings: 391 m².
Small house: 146 m².
Large two storey home with outbuildings: 363 m².
Mill: 47 m².
Small bakery and foundation of another large home: 87 m² + 187 m².

- The river stream offers potential to provide hydroelectric power through the year. Another option could be solar panels.


Object Location
Street, Nr.1 , 0
TownFerreira de Panton

Contact Address
Frank Gomez
36300 Apartado 55

Phone: +34 690 673 949 (English, Nederlands & Español)

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